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Koorosh Ghotb on work


Koorosh Ghotb

Koorosh is an architect and urban designer. He took his BAppSc. in architecture from Islamic Azad University and M.Sc. in urban design from Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) North Cyprus.
His rational and logical way of thinking is a crucial factor for this team.



“I believe there is no way to make a sustainable architecture without knowing the context, that’s why I studied urban design, to learn how to take environmental factors into account for my designs” Koorosh said.

Education and professional practices

Koorosh is an experienced architect with a passion for sustainable and context-driven design. Koorosh graduated in 2009 from the Islamic Azad University in Iran with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Architecture, and in 2014, he earned a Master’s Degree in Urban Design from Eastern Mediterranean University in North Cyprus, specializing in the evaluation of lost spaces in urban contexts.

Since graduating, he has worked in private practice on a variety of architectural and urban projects, with a particular focus on sustainable design. In addition to his practice, he has also lectured at Shiraz University of Arts, teaching architectural and interior design courses.


Aside from his work as an architect and lecturer, Koorosh has a passion for photography and music composition. He finds that the creative process of composing music and photography shares many similarities with designing buildings. All of them require attention to detail, creativity, and a holistic understanding of the big picture. His love for music inspires his work as an architect and vice versa, enriching his perspective and creative approach to every project.

Koorosh’s combination of technical expertise, rational way of thinking and artistic sensibility make him a valuable addition to the Unique Design Studio team. He is committed to creating beautiful and meaningful spaces that bring people together and inspire them.

Favorite Book: Five Weeks in a Balloon by Jules Verne

Koorosh Ghotb






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